Australian Women Preach

Sherry’s Next Step Instruction

27 November 2023

To every single person heartbroken over the referendum outcome, Djabaguy/Okola woman, Sherry Balcombe says this:

Please don’t feel bad, please don’t be ashamed! We need to turn this into an opportunity!

We must keep the spotlight on the darkest corners of our country.

The best thing that we can do is turn this around to our advantage.

Let’s not waste time, effort, or our hearts on worrying about a missed opportunity.

Let us look for the next step, the next door to open.

Let us help keep our issues on the agenda & we good people with hearts for true justice will need to organise the 5.5 million people who voted ‘Yes’!

We need to educate those who voted ‘No’ because they didn’t know!!!

Let us educate those that just didn’t know, who to trust!

Let us teach those that just don’t understand but when they hear our story, they get it!!!!!

Let’s just forget about those who will never change their minds!

We need to share our energy, hope, faith and courage with those who believe there can be an alternative to the present order!

There can be a ‘Tomorrow Australia’ that we can all be proud of!

Stay strong – let’s make change!!

Blessings, Sherry

Sherry Balcombe – Executive Leader of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Victoria